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Published 2012

recurrence=SEMIANNUAL, maxDuration=604800, maxDocumentCount=null, isTestCrawl=false, seedCount=42, accountId=151, organizationName="John Gilmore", collectionId=693, collectionName="Drug Policy Archive"

Archiveit-account-id 151
Archiveit-account-organization-name John Gilmore
Archiveit-collection-id 693
Archiveit-collection-name Drug Policy Archive
Archiveit-recurrence SEMIANNUAL
Contributor Internet Archive
Crawler Heritrix/1.15.4
Creator Archive-It
Mediatype web
Sponsor John Gilmore
Addeddate 2012-04-24 10:09:11
Publicdate 2012-04-24 10:09:48
Imagecount 355695
Firstfiledate 20120417095905
Lastfiledate 20120424091921
Scandate 20120417095905
Date 2012


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Drug Policy Archive
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John Gilmore
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Archive-It Digital Collection
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on 4/24/2012